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Built Better

Since 1997, Bayway Homes has built relationships by listening to our customers and maintaining flexibility to accommodate their varied needs. This is clearly a strategy that is working and made Bayway Homes worthy of the 2003, 2004 and 2008 Bay Area Builders Association "Builder of the Year" awards.

Bayway Homes Celebrates 20 years

We would be honored to help you build a brighter future by building your next home.

Bayway Homes have withstood hurricane-strength winds

It's customary in the homebuilding industry to use four nails to secure each shingle. We use six. This is the primary reason that Bayway Homes were largely unscathed during Hurricane Ike.

Bayway Homes Are More Structurally Sound

When constructing a home, most builders apply plywood around exterior corners. They use an inferior product, foam board, on exterior walls. At Bayway, we don't use plywood or foam board. Instead, we surround all of our homes with OSB Sheathing, which is proven to be stronger and better at supporting the structure of a home.

Bayway Homes are Elegant and Accommodating

Interior corners are rounded and doorways are arched to create an elegant look and a level of sophistication that is often seen in homes that are priced two to three times higher. In addition, upper kitchen cabinets are 42" tall, which gives you almost 12" more storage space than most other homes provide.