As everyone adjusts to the changes brought on by COVID-19, Bayway Homes hopes that you, your family, friends, colleagues, and community remain safe and healthy.

It is important to Bayway Homes that we continue serving your warranty needs while doing our part to keep you and our contractors safe.

These safety measures include:

- Reminding all team members to practice good personal hygiene

- Wearing protective gear when visiting customers’ homes

- Not coming to work if they are ill

As the COVID-19 pandemic brings changes we commit to proactively adapting and communicating those changes to keep our homeowners, their families, and our employees as safe as possible.

Please keep in mind that the impact of COVID-19 may hinder our ability to service your repair claim as quickly as we usually do. While we will service your claims as expeditiously as possible, we hope you understand that delays may be inevitable. Bayway Homes is committed to keeping you informed every step of the way.


Until further notice homeowners will be required to do the following:

Questions homeowners must answer before scheduling a warranty service:

1. Has anyone in your household been diagnosed or tested for COVID-19?

2. Is anyone in your household self-quarantining for COVID-19 exposure?

3. Has anyone in your household had a fever/cough in the past week?

4. Has anyone in your household traveled outside the state of Texas in the past month?

5. Do you request contractors entering your home wear face coverings?

If answers to question numbers 1-4 are YES, Bayway reserves the right to postpone the warranty service. Bayway Homes will work diligently to find contractors willing to wear face coverings, but service may be delayed during the search process.

Actions required by the homeowner as part of the warranty service:

Social Distancing: Compliance with social distancing requirements is expected.

• Face Covering: We recommend homeowners wear face coverings during warranty service. Homeowners who requested contractors wear face coverings are responsible for ensuring compliance.

• Hand Washing: We highly recommend washing your hands before and after your warranty service.

• Residents in the home: Bayway requires an adult 18 years or older be at the home during warranty service. We require all children under age 18 to be segregated from the work area and have no interaction with Bayway employees or contractors.

• Sanitize: After your warranty service has been completed we recommend sanitizing the work area.

Bayway Employees & Contractors

Until further notice Bayway Employees and Contractors are required to do the following.

•Face Covering: Wear protective face coverings per the homeowner’s request.

• Hand Washing: Sanitize hands before and after a warranty service.

• Social Distancing: Maintain social distancing.

• Sanitize: Clean all tools used prior to and after each warranty service.

Warranty requests can be made through the Bayway Homes website under the Homeowners tab at baywayhomes.com or through your Buildertrend login


Each of our major mechanical companies has adopted their own COVID-19 policies and safety protocols. For ALL warranty items related to your air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and appliances we request that you call the contractors listed below to schedule warranty calls.

Air Conditioning: Airtron: 281-996-5858

Plumbing: Sonny’s Plumbing 281-648-9866

Electrical: MSF Electric 281-232-2158

Appliances: GE 1-800-GE-Cares

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