Our Team

Matthew Crone

Director of Environmental Services
Matthew Crone has been in the cooking profession for over 15 years. His experience has taken him from Memphis to Spain, from France to Vermont and around the globe. He began his professional career at age sixteen. He has been in the kitchen of one of Memphis’ finest restaurants under the direction of an extremely knowledgeable award-winning Chef, a Stagier position at a Michelin rated, three-star restaurant learning French culture, cuisine and technique.

Mr. Crone graduated from New England Culinary Institute in Essex, VT. While living in Oregon he was Executive Chef at the Viewpoint Inn, Columbia River Gorge. Upon returning to Memphis he worked at Interim Restaurant and the Sole Restaurant at the Westin Hotel. He also completed his AOSS Degree with Honors in Culinary Arts and a PHD.

Tushar Adya

President, Environmental Services
Tushar Adya is a Partner of Lotus Capital LLC, a private equity firm established in 2007. Mr. Adya brings over 13 years of strategy consulting and operational experience in Consumer Goods, Agribusiness, and Foodservice/Retail industries. Prior to joining Lotus Capital, Mr. Adya was an Associate Principal with McKinsey & Co. serving leading companies in the consumer and agribusiness related industries

Mr. Adya completed his MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland.

Abhishek Agarwal

Chairman & CEO
Abhishek Agarwal is the Managing Partner of Lotus Capital LLC, a private equity firm established in 2007. Mr. Agarwal brings over ten years of global experience developing greenfield projects and turning around distressed assets in energy, agribusiness, and mining. Prior to founding Lotus Capital, Mr. Agarwal was at Cohen & Company, LLC, a private equity firm focusing on industrial green field projects.

Mr. Agarwal took graduate coursework in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a BA in Economics from the University of Rochester.

Chris Steinmetz

Director of Operations, Environmental Services
Chris Steinmetz has been involved in multiple successful startup companies for over 15 years. Mr. Steinmetz brings more than 20 years of sales strategies and operational experience in the areas of Metal Structure, Air-Filtration, Real Estate Asset Management, and Business allocation and expansion.

Mr. Steinmetz has graduated with honors from MCA in Minnesota and attended CFN Institute in Dallas, TX.