Things You’ll Need:

  • Rain-X

  1. To make this work effectively, you must start with a clean shower door. The effort obviously depends on the current state of the glass. Windex is an obvious choice but if it has been some time since a thorough cleaning was conducted, you may need to utilize CLR if you are dealing with a great deal of grime or mineral deposits. Elbow grease also works very well!

  2. Once the door is clean make sure that it is dry.

  3. After cleaning and drying the door, you can apply the Rain-X. Follow the instructions on the bottle. It is very simple – simply apply with a soft cloth in a circular motion. After applying, buff with a different clean cloth.

  4. Once you have applied the Rain-X, you will notice that water simply beads up and slides down the door without any residue. Keep an eye on the shower and reapply the Rain-X as needed. One good method is to simply reapply at the beginning of each month – it takes some time but it is much easier than dealing with scrubbing and other chemicals that require scrubbing and provide no long lasting protection.