Steeplechase Terrace Holds First HOA Meeting

On Tuesday, April 20th, Bayway Homes hosted the first official HOA meeting for the 24 homeowner’s in their Steeplechase Terrace Townhome subdivision in NW Houston. The turnout of appx. 70% of the homeowners represented was better than expected for most neighborhoods, but not a surprise with the close knit community developing in Steeplechase Terrace. The model at 8903 Keymill Dr. accomodated the 27 people in attendance very well, with homeowner’s staying afterwards to enjoy the refreshments provided by both Bayway Homes and one of the homeowner’s.

This is an excerpt of the minutes taken by Tammy Bolton, HOA Manager.

Jon Skeele gave a history report on Steeple Chase Terrace and the development of the community which began when Tyler Todd, developer approached Jon Skeele to become involved in the building of Steeple Chase Terrace. Mr. Todd was in a contract with Compass Bank for the development of Steeple Chase Terrace. This loan was comprised and in jeopardy at the beginning. Although the loan was in jeopardy, Tyler Todd and the bank agreed to provide some capital improvements which consisted of Concrete Fence, Landscaping, Irrigation for the outside of the fence line as well as Central Irrigation for the community. Mid Summer of 2009 BBVA/Compass began foreclosure proceedings, foreclosure was complete in October of 2009.

Mr. Skeele noted that once the foreclosure was complete Bayway Homes began proceedings to purchase the property. This process was long and there were many legal issues along the way, one being that Tyler Todd, developer owned the water and sewer line with the MUD district. Bayway Homes had to also include in the purchase of the land the purchase of the water and sewer line. In mid March 2010, Bayway Homes was able to purchase the 1st four lots of the 69 lots involved in the purchase. Mr. Skeele noted that Bayway Homes has spent a lot of money, time and energy to keep Steeple Chase Terrace an active thriving community.

Bayway Homes has proven its’ commitment and dedication to Steeple Chase Terrace by investing money into the continuation of upkeep with the model home, it has been remodeled with new floors, carpets, landscaping, new bedding and upgraded master bedroom.

Mr. Skeele discussed with the owners that although Tyler Todd, developer had promised a community pool and automated gates since he had foreclosed it would take longer to get them. He assured the owners that Bayway Homes was committed to installing a pool and gates. Mr. Skeele asked for the owners input as to which they would prefer to be completed first. It a general census was arrived at that the gates were more important for security comfort. During discussion a homeowner told a story of walking the community and being followed home by two young men who did not live in the community and she felt strongly for gates. Their was also discussion about non-residents cutting through the community in their automobiles. It was agreed the gates would be automated and scheduled to be open during normal business hours.

Mr. Skeele informed the owners along with the expense of the pool and gates there were also two other capital projects that will need to be addressed as well. The first being the Outfall Storm Water permit that has expired and needs to renewed, Steeple Chase Terrace is currently in non compliance. The second project being granting the right of easements to AT& T as a service provider for Steeple Chase Terrace. The order of capital improvements would 1) Storm Water permit 2) the AT&T easements 3) Gates and then 4) pool.

Mr. Skeele recommends to ensure informed homeowners are on the board once the association is turned over to the homeowners there should be a fourth member on the board whom should be a current homeowner. Mr. Skeele noted that Terri Rekita had agreed to be the fourth person. The homeowners present agreed to have Terri represent the homeowners.