Quarterly Training!

Every three months the Bayway Homes team gets together for quarterly training. It's a time for us to focus on continuing education and team building. We spend the first part of the day learning about something that pertains to us building better homes. We invite a couple of guest speakers to join us and share about their field of expertise. At our last training we were happy to welcome Dominic Lewis with Zillow who spoke with us about their new construction promoted communities program and Attorney Greg Crinion who shared some important information about HOA's.

The second half of the day is focused on team building. Jon loves to think of new, exciting things for us to do...and it usually involves costumes and trophy's! The last training was a pirate theme since we were going out on Captain Kidd's Sailboat for a tour of Galveston Bay. Our two costume winners were Charles Anders and Anna Hill. They looked great! Aarrggh!!


The Bayway team out for a cruise around Galveston Bay.