Painting Tips

Painting is one of the least expensive ways to decorate walls and it’s something that homeowners can do themselves. Careful thought as to the color of a room can establish ambiance and even alter visual dimensions.

There is no rule that walls must be painted a single color and ceilings must always be a shade of white. Try painting walls one color and trim, doors or built-in bookshelves another. Or paint three walls one color and the fourth a contrasting color for dramatic effect. When walls and ceilings are painted the same pale shade, a small room will look larger. And don’t be afraid to use bright colors on walls, especially if furnishings are light colored

  1. A. Walls surrounding built in shelves in this entrance hall are painted a light shade of tan while the back wall is painted with a contrasting shade that ties into the dinning room.

  2. B. In the dinning room, a dramatic effect is created by painting below the chair rail molding with a light tan color. Above the chair rail molding a deep burgundy is offset by a thin white molding above, then a wide band of white paint finished with a white crown molding.

  3. C. The use of light bright colors open up this space from the dinning room into the formal living room. The columns and woodwork are painted with a semi-gloss finish for a classic look and long life.

  4. D. This nook has been transformed into a seating area and painted with a durable semi-gloss finish to match the trim and woodwork. The walls are painted in the same shade as the rest of the room and finished off with coordinated pillows and a mirror.

Painter’s Tip: Once you have decided on a color concept for your home you will need to purchase the paint for the job. Make sure you take color samples home before you buy paint. Check them out in your home’s lighting. Industrial or commercial lighting in home centers and some paint stores can make colors look different than they will in your home. This is the best way to avoid unwanted surprises after you finish painting inside your home.