Now Is The Time by Richard Garcia

Since I have opened my new Town Home Community in Sea Brook Texas I thought I would go over some really good reasons for not putting off buying your new home !!!!!!

1.This is a buyers market and we are considering all reasonable offers!!!

2.You can get a 30 yr. loan right now for a bout 4.3%. These are the lowest rates on record. As recently as 2 years ago they were at 6.3%.That drop slashes your monthly repayment by a fifth.

3.You’ll save on taxes. You can deduct the mortgae interest from your income taxes. You can also deduct your PMI insurance premiums from your’ll only get the income tax break if you itemize your deductions, and many people may be better off taking the standard deduction instead.

4.It’ll be yours !!!! You can have the kitchen and bathroom you want , you can move walls etc. Pick your colors and options. If you were renting your landlord I’m sure would not be as accomodating.

5. You will get a better home. Many renters do not take care of rental properties and therefore tend to allow a home to deteriorate !! Generally speaking ,if you want the best home in the best neighborhood you are better off buying.

6.It offers some inflation protection.No,it’s not perfect but studies suggest that over the long-term housing has tended to beat inflation by a couple of percentage points a year.That’s valuable information especially if you are young and raising a family and thinking about the next 30 or 40 years.

7.It’s risk capital.No,your home is not the stock market and you shouldn’t view it as the way to get rich. But if the economy does surprise us all and start booming,sooner or later real estate prices will start heading up again,too.Equity in a home is another way of linking part of your portfolio to the long – term growth of the economy.

8.It’s forced savings.If you can rent an apartment for 1200 a month instead of buying one for 1600 a month renting might make sense if you saved the other 400 dollars a month difference.A lot of people won’t !!!! You are just paying yourself by building equity.As a forced monthly saving.It’s a good discipline.

9.There’s a lot to choose from The National Association of Realtors puts the current inventory at around 4 million homes.That’s enough for a bout a years worth of sales. That means great choice as well as great prices.

10.Sooner or later the market will clear.Demand and supply will meet.The population is forecast to grow by more than 100 milloion people in the next 40 Years. That means 40 million new households looking for homes.A lot of the glut thats’ out there doesn’t matter.It’s concentrated in a few areas,like Florida and Nevada. Unless you live there,the glut won’t have any long-term impact on housing supply in your town.

So given all those reasons and cuppled with some great housing opportunities on my available inventory of homes There should be no reason why you should wait any longer to get your dream homes. I have 3 locations to serve your needs, Berryfield subdivision in Dickinson,Seaside subdivision in Seabrook and last but not least 3 house available now in La Porte,Texas with more to come.Call me at 832-877-6311 to set up an appointment. Thank you and I look forward to serving you and your family.