How to get organized for filing that return

Wow !!! What a start for our newest community in Seabrook Tx. Already have 2 new families in their brand new homes and another closing on the 28th,2 more available that are ready for immediate-move-in and 2 more being framed as we speak!! So as we proudly continue to make new homeowners happy we also wanted to give you some money saving tips on your tax filing so you will have some additional monies for your move-in with us.

ORGANIZE YOUR PAPERS AND FILES. It is a good idea to have a system for managing your finances. It doesn’t matter if it’s simple or sophisticated,just that it is an approach that you’ll actually use. Many people like a basic three-folder system they keep up with all year-round.

*Folder 1-Income: salary,dividends,earnings,distributions,checking account interest,and don’t forget the 1099 Form you got when you redeemed that savings bond.

*Folder 2-Expenses and deductions: Make files for major catagories like contributions,medical and business expenses,put in canceled checks,bills,statements and receipts,mortgage statements,investment-related expenses,medical bills,child-carecostss, and non reimbursed business expenses for things like gas food and lodging.

Folder 3-Investments: This can include investment account statements,1099 Forms and K-1 Forms for certain trusts or partnerships,ask a CPA of Financial Advisor for advice,as you should with all tax questions.

There are also some easy-to-use software programs.Just go on line,search “tax preparation programs”and check out what is available.

Once again a special thank you to all who have come out and previewed our gorgeous new homes but also to all who have bought from us!!!With todays current interest rates it doesn’t make any sense to wait. Call me !!! Richard @ 832-877-6311 ” Remember the home you went home to think about tonight is going to be bought by the one that was thinking about that same home the night before !!”