Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day

While preparing to write this week’s blog, I could not help but say a few words about our brave men and women who have served our great Country to help us all be free to work, live, worship, and even share our opinions in forums such as this without fear of prosecution or oppression.

I am reminded of families who have been separated; split apart for months or years, even forever. I am reminded of the men and women who bravely and willingly made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, paying the very costly price of freedom so that we might enjoy life here in these United States.

And of course I am reminded of us all: Americans joining to form an imperfect but stunning tapestry, woven together by common history, deep love for this nation, and spectacular hope for a better tomorrow. We are so grateful for the opportunities available to us, faithfully secured by our service people who courageously defended — and still defend — our flag.

Memorial Day is our day to pause and say thank you — for the good and beautiful gifts of freedom, we thank you. Some gave all, and all gave some. We appreciate ALL who have and are serving in our armed forces and the families who support their efforts as well!