Greeting New Neighbors the No Hassle Way

When someone moves in next door you might feel the need to welcome him or her into the neighborhood, but you don’t because time gets away from you, you’ve become too lazy or you don’t want to get too chummy.

For those who prefer keeping to themselves trying these welcoming angles to greet new neighbors can help get you off the hook.

You could offer to help the new neighbors move in or you can casually do a friendly wave at them when you go out to get your mail or newspaper. You can say “Hi” on the way to your car or wave out the window, as you are about to drive off. Waving or calling out “Hi” is ways of expressing welcome without getting involved on a first name basis.

Waiting till dark and leaving a package of store bought cookies on the porch of the new neighbors with a note attached saying “Welcome to the neighborhood from everyone on the block.” will keep them from pinpointing who specifically left them. If they don’t know who left the cookies they can’t drop by to say “Thank you.”

You can similarly wait till dark and leave an empty bottle of wine on the porch with an attached note saying “Sorry I drank it all, but welcome to the neighborhood.”

Any pets that the new neighbors have specifically a dog or cat might wander off into your yard while they are busy moving stuff into their house. You can return them quietly by opening the gate to their owners backyard and letting them go in or you can pick them up and drop them over the neighbors fence with a note attached to their collar saying “Found your pet.”

Greeting neighbors can be made when they are not around by leaving coupons you don’t have any use for, but they might, in-between their screen door. Coupons could really help them out. What with the move they could be strapped for cash.

You can tell others in your church home about your new neighbor and give them their address so church members can drop by and greet them instead of you. Let the church welcoming committee be a roundabout way of saying “Pleased to meet you.” If you want to go with the church committee for a more formal-casual greeting stand in the background and be a friendly face. That way the neighbor will remember you and feel welcomed.