Finally, I Can Add Color to MY Walls

If you have been an apartment renter in the past, you are well aware of the wonderfully drab colors they force you to live with. It’s white, white, or off-white. Don’t like it? Too bad. That is one of many of the pitfalls when comparing renting versus owning. When you own your home, the walls are YOUR walls. You have bought the new furniture, picked out just the right accent rugs, the lighting is just right, and now it’s time for some color to jazz things up!

Several of the homeowners in the Steeplechase Terrace Town home neighborhood in NW Houston have taken the jump into personalizing their new homes by adding paint color to their interior walls. As it is the inside of their home, and not just a house or apartment they are renting, they get to have those colors reflect their personality. Turns out the choices are almost endless. Almost as many as they made when we built there home for them, allowing them to custom choose their carpet, tile, grout, cabinets, counter tops, and more.

One homeowner visited the Sherwin Williams store here on Jones Rd., just North of the neighborhood. While she entered feeling overwhelmed, she left with a new confidence that this was something she could accomplish. She was impressed with the salesman, Dung, and his patience and knowledge. When she returned home, she would have with her 6 paint samples, mini-rollers, drop cloths, rubber gloves and a wealth of knowledge. Their slogan of ‘Ask Sherwin Williams’ was taken to heart as she asked plenty of questions and was able to understand how factors such as different lighting, paint finishes, roller styles, and how the wall texture can affect the overall outcome of the wall. She then proceeded to paint sample swatches on the walls and ceiling of the bedroom where she is going to paint first. Putting the paint on the walls allowed her to actually see what the different lighting conditions would do to the colors she is considering.

Half way into her selection, she has decided that what she felt might be a chore in selecting the right color, is actually fun. She asked me to come for a look at her sample walls, and although I gave her my opinion, it was so nice to see her enjoying the further customizing of her new home.

Whether brown, red, green, or purple- regular paint or a faux finish, the homeowner gets the advantage of having their home reflect their own design style and the fun of accomplishing the next step in home ownership- making their house turly feel like their HOME.

At Bayway Homes, our motto is “Built Better”. That is a motto we strive to live by as we build homes for our clients. We know that while we build the home in 3-4 months, parts of the warranty last for up to 10 years, but the homeowner may live there indefinitely. We’ll build the house better than most, and you can make it your home for many years to come.