Caring for Your Laminate Wood Flooring

One of the many options we offer our homeowner’s in Steeplechase Terrace is lamiante wood flooring. This has become a popular option both due to the lower expense as compared to wood flooring, and the ease of maintenance as compared to carpet in high traffic areas.

We hope this information will be useful in caring for your wood floors.

Laminate flooring is surely one of the best flooring options. Not only do these floors give a good look to the interiors, but these are also easy on your pocket. Unlike the hardwood floors which will cut a big hole in your pocket and need a lot of care, these are relatively easier to maintain. After getting scratch-resistant laminate flooring installed in your home, make sure that you don’t let dirt, grime and stains spoil the look of your floors. If you want your floors to look spotless and clean, you can either use the laminate floor cleaning products that are available in the market or use homemade cleaning solution.

Ever thought about using vinegar for cleaning laminate and wood floors? Well, if you want your laminate floors to look as good as new for a long time, a little bit of care and a little bit of vinegar is you all need. Here’s some information on washing laminate floors with vinegar.

Laminate Flooring Cleaning Tips

Washing laminate floors with vinegar will keep the floors looking cleaner for several years, but you must also pay attention to some other important laminate floor cleaning instructions. If you wish your floors to last longer, you must make sure that you never use very harsh or abrasive cleaning products. Always refrain from dragging heavy furniture over the floor. This is to prevent ugly streaks and scratches from damaging the floor. Put felt pads under the furniture legs, it helps in keeping the floor scratch-free. Make sure that you place floor mats at the doorway entrance. You must also vacuum and mop to keep dirt or muck off the floor. If you follow these instructions, I am sure you will not find yourself cribbing about problems with laminate flooring.

As far as floor cleaning products are concerned, you can always use vinegar. Wondering how to clean laminate flooring with vinegar? Here are some tips for washing laminate floors.

How to Wash Laminate Floors with Vinegar

Vinegar is multipurpose cleaning agent and it can easily get rid of tough stains from the floor. The best thing about washing laminate floors with vinegar is it does not affect the glossy finish of your laminate floor. Before washing laminate floors with vinegar, you need to vacuum the floors to get rid of dirt. You will also need a dust mop and a sponge mop. One of the most important tips for cleaning laminate floors is to use a good quality mop with microfiber pads. After you have vacuumed and swept the dirt off the floor, you need to get hold of the ingredients and make the solution. For making a laminate floor cleanerat home, you will need white distilled vinegar. Add half a cup of distilled white vinegar to a bucket filled with a gallon of warm water.

You can also add a little rubbing alcohol to this mixture. This will help in getting rid of the ugly streaks on your laminate floor. You can also add small amounts of dish washing liquid to this solution. Mix all the ingredients. Dip an old towel in this homemade laminate floor cleaning solution and wring out all the excess water from it. You can then place this towel over the sponge mop. Clean the floor with the mop and wipe quickly. Make sure that there is no excess water left in the sponge mop. Don’t rely on the self-wringing mops, as these might leave more water on the floor and that will leave ugly streaks on floor. Excess water can also seep under the floor boards and cause a lot of damage. Use a dry towel to dry the floor so that there are no streaks on the floor.

This was a brief information on washing laminate floors with vinegar. Now that you are aware of the instructions on washing laminate floors with vinegar, you can use these floor cleaning tips to keep your floors sparkling clean and spot-free. Hope you found this information on washing laminate wood floors useful.