BBB Business Review Reliability Report for Bayway Homes

A BBB Accredited business since 5/28/2002

“Why should I use a BBB Accredited Business?”

That’s a question I’m frequently asked. They usually follow up with a second question. “If a business is not BBB Accredited, are they a bad company?”

Applying for BBB Accreditation is voluntary, and most businesses that are not accredited are still good businesses.

We have more than 13,000 businesses in our database. These are registered businesses in our six-county service area. Only 10 percent are BBB Accredited. All BBB Accredited Businesses are rated “B” or higher. Of the 11,000+ companies not BBB Accredited, 860 have an “F” rating.

But let’s go back to the original question: why use a BBB Accredited Business?”

BBB was founded by the business community nearly 100 years to govern the marketplace with self-regulation. That is why 20 Stockton businesses formed MidCal BBB in 1928.

Business owners who subject themselves to BBB Accreditation support our efforts to keep the marketplace fair to all. They sign their name to our BBB Code of Business Practices, pledging to operate in an ethical manner.

Accreditation is not available to every business. Just during the past month we have said no to several companies that applied for Accreditation. Several did not meet our minimum of 1-year in business eligibility requirement. One had an open complaint with us. (When the complaint was resolved satisfactory, our board approved the company’s accreditation.) Another company was denied accreditation because its state-issued license was delinquent.

Once a business has been accredited it must maintain compliance with the BBB Code of Business Practices. Currently one company’s accreditation is under suspension due to a delinquent state license.

BBB Accredited businesses pledge to be proactive in resolving marketplace disputes. Yes, even accredited businesses occasionally receive a complaint. Of the 2,400 complaints closed in 2009, 280 were against BBB Accredited Businesses.

We advise consumers in our business reviews that it’s not the number of complaints that’s important, but it is how a company responds to complaints.

That is why one should strive to use a BBB Accredited Business. They been thoroughly checked out by BBB staff; they meet the requirements outlined in the BBB Code; and they promise to be responsive when responding to disputes. And that is why every eligible business should strive for BBB Accreditation.