A Little Advice…

So you’ve made your decision to build a Bayway Home. Now the real fun begins! By this point, you have chosen the Floor Plan, Lot and Elevation of your new home. But now is the time to add your own personal touch by choosing your own Brick, Cabinets, Carpet, Countertops etc…

Whether you have your own personal budget for additional options or a Builder Incentive to go by, Bayway Homes understands that making your dollar stretch can sometimes be challenging for you.

We are prepared and have several standard selections to choose from!

Here is a great example of that.

Sample One Sample Two

The above kitchen counter top is made from one of the available Wilsonart Laminate Selections to choose from. Looking at the first picture, can you tell which sample the above countertop is? Better yet, can you tell which one is granite?

The answer is Sample Two is the countertop provided in the kitchen picture and yes Sample one is granite. Although, you might’ve guessed correctly. I bet the odds are it took a second glance before you answered.

With Bayway Homes you always have options!

I know that you will be pleased to know that stretching your dollar may not be as challenging as you think & that there are ways of having a certain look that you desire for a fraction of the cost!!

Visit us in Southridge Crossing off Beltway 8 between Pearland Pkwy and Cullen or any Bayway Community to found out other ways to SAVE BIG!!